How to Use Each LinkedIn Video Format

LinkedIn customers watch three  buy linkedin followers  hundred million films according to yr and counting. Learn everything you want to recognise to generate traffic and conversions from LinkedIn films.
After a long records of prioritizing the written word, the sector’s largest expert networking web page LinkedIn is now a high vicinity to post your marketing videos.

LinkedIn’s pivot to video got here late, but its conversion has been overall. It loves video. There’s a few evidence that it offers video posts priority over different posts inside the feed and some of the advantages—like autoplaying them, which helps capture more attention.

“Video is the fastest developing layout on our platform proper now, and the only most probably to get humans speakme,” Pete Davies, director of product management at LinkedIn, informed TechCrunch.

On LinkedIn, wherein feedback are the holy grail of social forex, things that get humans speakme are things that unfold. Any marketer already on LinkedIn looking for a bonus beyond paying to sell posts needs to appearance no in addition than video.

And it’s now not just entrepreneurs figuring out the advantages of the platform. For any sales rep, LinkedIn is increasingly more turning into an important virtual promoting device. Not best are you able to community without a doubt, but you can additionally search for new prospects and be part of peer-to-peer conversations. . Now you can elevate the ones connections even similarly with the capability to create and send video on LinkedIn in an instantaneous message. No extra searching on LinkedIn after which hopping over to electronic mail with a purpose to ship a customised video, now it may all be achieved on one platform with the Vidyard Chrome Extension.

1. Benefits of LinkedIn Video
2. Linked Videos and Direct Message Videos on LinkedIn
2.1 How to Post a Video on LinkedIn Using a Link (Desktop or Mobile)
three. Direct Video Message Using Vidyard Chrome Extension
3.1 How to Send a Direct Video Message Using Vidyard Chrome or Edge Extension
four. LinkedIn Native Videos (a.K.A. In-Feed Videos)
4.1 LinkedIn Native Video Ideas
4.2 Specs for LinkedIn Native Video
4.Three Best Practices for LinkedIn Native Video
4.4 How to Share Native Videos on LinkedIn
4.4.1 How to Upload a Video to LinkedIn at the Desktop Site
four.4.2 How to Record and Share a LinkedIn Video from Mobile
four.Five Native LinkedIn Video Metrics
five. LinkedIn Live Videos
5.1 LinkedIn Live Video Ideas
5.2 Specs for LinkedIn Live Videos
5.Three Best Practices for LinkedIn Live Videos
5.4 LinkedIn Live Video Metrics
6. LinkedIn Video Ads
6.1 Best Practices for LinkedIn Video Ads
6.2 LinkedIn Video Ad Metrics
7. Video in LinkedIn Articles
7.1 Best Practices for Video in LinkedIn Articles
7.2 How to Share LinkedIn Videos in Articles
7.2.1 How to Share LinkedIn Videos in Articles
8. Bonus: Add Video to LinkedIn Profiles
8.0.2 How to Embed Videos into LinkedIn Profiles
8.0.Three How to Embed Videos into Company Pages
eight.1 LinkedIn Profile Video Metrics
9. Getting Started with Video on LinkedIn
Benefits of LinkedIn Video
LinkedIn customers view 300 million films in step with 12 months. Video posts get 3x greater engagement than posts with only text or images and a video post on LinkedIn is 5x much more likely to begin a communique.

It’s little marvel that 51% of marketers on LinkedIn use video.

92% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn (Omnicore)
ninety million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers (LinkedIn)
LinkedIn Ads can be 227% more powerful than other social networks (SocialPilot)
LinkedIn users log in for an average of 24 minutes in line with workday (Statista)
These results compound. Brands that post useful or informative motion pictures on LinkedIn train viewers to anticipate movies—and earn more presence inside the LinkedIn feed.

Screenshot view of a direct video message in LinkedIn using Vidyard for social promoting.
Record and Share Videos on LinkedIn
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Linked Videos and Direct Message Videos on LinkedIn
The groups that advantage most from posting video on LinkedIn are people with inspirational or educational stories. But unlike ‘some thing-for-each person’ social media websites like Facebook or YouTube, LinkedIn has a clean motive: To connect professionals. That manner most of the people of conversations on the site revolve around careers, groups, merchandise, and advice.

You’ll see plenty of humans posting jobs, announcing funding rounds, soliciting for tech stack input, and trumpeting their software. But the testimonies that generally tend to perform the best are people who join returned to a higher purpose or offer proper value.

Learn From the Pros
Squarespace posts ultra high-production fee videos, like this one proposing customers, on their LinkedIn.


There are three primary methods of the use of video on LinkedIn:

Upload Natively: Upload a video record to LinkedIn or file a video with the LinkedIn app
Upload and/or Create a Video: Upload or create a video in an immediate message from inside LinkedIn the use of the Vidyard browser extension
Post a Link: Paste

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