Kirsty Andrews is a woman of perpetual motion as she sings the praises of drift diving.

To the uninitiated, the possibility of drift watch   getting into the water whilst it’s moving at speed will be a chunk terrifying. It’s no longer what I’d recommend for a strive dive… however when you’ve were given a grasp of your buoyancy, built up your confidence and need to development your diving, give glide diving a move.

A gentle present day is best for quite a few dives. Fundamentally, currents bring meals. All those marine animals that feed on bits and portions drifting by using (which is maximum of them) will open their polyps, attain up their claws and commonly you’ll be seeing the sea at its most alive. A barely more potent go with the flow does, I will admit, spark the adrenaline a touch. Sharks and different pelagic animals are very a whole lot at home in a present day, so this is a superb form of dive to identify them, whether you’re drifting as nicely or in case you’ve carefully hooked into the reef to observe them sinuously waft by means of.

The key, of course, is to go with the flow. Nobody likes to huff and puff in opposition to a modern – that is a positive manner to suck through your gasoline deliver and no longer the sign of a awesome dive plan. Yet, in case you are drifting along in the path the waters take you, there may be a feeling of flight that is like no different. It can be relaxing and awesome, and of path, you cover a lot more floor (or, properly, seabed).

One of the classic British waft dives is the spoil of the Tabarka in Scapa Flow. The dive plan entails a terrible entry (enter the water negatively buoyant and get down short earlier than you omit the site), hide below the upturned hull which protects you from the flowing tide, and when you’ve finished exploring the break, send up an SMB and experience the trip as you pace away. In fact, this dive can be three wrecks in a single as the present day can take you beyond the wrecks of the Doyle and the Gobernador Bories for a rusty bonus.

Sometimes a go with the flow dive can take 2d billing to the primary occasion of the day. Perhaps you deliberate a damage dive on slack water and then you definately’re simply popping in someplace after your floor interval whilst the tide’s picked up a piece. Don’t push aside these opportunities. I did simply this type of second dive off Old Harry Rocks in Dorset and changed into surprised on the quantity of starry smooth-hounds I noticed; I’d never seen them at slack water. It took a piece of juggling of my digital camera, torch and SMB to capture the moment as I and the sharks sped past boulders and different potential barriers, but I cherished it.

If glide diving, you do want the peace of mind of reliable boat support, and you want to have an agreed plan to ensure they recognize whilst and in which to choose you up. It doesn’t always feel like it when you’re underwater however you may cover several miles on even a gentle float in case you’re down there long enough. Spare a idea for the boat handler who has to keep an eye fixed to your marker buoy and perhaps several others, after which endure you waxing lyrical approximately the extraordinary glide once you’re lower back at the boat.

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